For two weeks ago i had 9800 kr (swedish value, thats about 980 dollar) on my accont. Now i have 9611 kr. I’ve spent like 200 kr (20 dollars) in two weeks! A normal two weeks I would probaly have spent 3000 kr (300 dollars). And why am I not spending? The answer is bronchitis. It’s not plessent and its not funny. But back to the money.

When you see how much you spend when you arent out “living” you start to think about what you spend you money on? My money-thief is food and drinks. I dine wiht my friend, I take an AW two times a week, I grab a cofe almost everyday.

But, when you think about it? Im not having so much fun here, lying in my bed all day, so mabey you need money to have fun? Is money that imortant? Well i guesse it is.

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